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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Educational Website

I would use my website to teach a science lesson about transportation to kindergarten or 1st graders. I would also have my students complete the paint assignment I posted on one of my links about using paint to make the vehicle the student gets to school in. I would then post my classes pictures on the website as a link that said How Miss Lisco's 1st grade class gets to school. I would have them write a sentence with their picture.

I think creating a website for students to use is very resourceful. By creating the website yourself the teacher can ensure that the students are learning all that the teacher wants them to know. It would be cool to get the students involved in making a lesson after it was over. You could get the students involved by asking them about what they learned that was important about a given topic. After making a list of what they thought was the most important information that they gathered about the given topic, together, the teacher and the class could create and informative site. I think that for 1st grade the website would need to me created as a group because they are so little.

Transportation Website